We can help those, who don’t have the budget to get a Turn Key setup, with Do It Yourself concrete floor polishing and epoxy flooring. Use your work as well as our expertise, for the flooring setup that is perfect.

The DIY alternative and your work to produce the ideal flooring setup combine our expertise. We train your people in the best way to utilize them, so that you get the professional results you desire and supply you with groundwork tools that are concrete. In addition , we provide onsite help along the method to ensure that your in-house job is headed in the appropriate way.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete floor polishing creates a lustrous shine. Cutting on the floor with some diamond grinding wheels prepares the floor. The flooring is then treated with concrete hardener to create a higher sheen. Color blots may also be added. Concrete floor shining is a popular alternative for warehouses and distribution centers, together with the production business, showrooms, schools, and more.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is the most recent and greatest flooring in the house and company enhancement industry now. Epoxy flooring is popular in the following industries: aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing, schools, firehouse, and transportation areas, as well as any area with high abrasion. It really is also a popular alternative anywhere a decorative flooring becomes necessary.