Tips Regarding Epoxy Coated Flooring Maintenance

I have had my garage coated with epoxy for at least a decade. Given the look, I get asked about how much energy and time I put into my garage coating’s maintenance. The solution is, not that much, actually.

I wash the flooring a few days each year. Occasionally, I vacuum debris with the vacuum cleaner, but everything else is area cleaning. It is not work to have a floor that welcomes guests and is appealing to everyone that sees it.

Compare that to most garages which have stains, concrete wear, dusting and other troubles. You get the picture. Whether you’ve got professional epoxy coatings to your garage, basement, porch, sun room or pole barn, the maintenance and usage tips are generally the same. A few tips below may help keep your epoxy coated garage cleaner, easier:

1. For spills or vehicle dripping, swipe them up with other fabric or a paper towel.
2. Routine maintenance cleaning is best accomplished with either a soft bristle broom or a grim business dust mop (available at any home improvement store).
3. For cleaning of a epoxy floor, sweep away any debris and mop floor with clear ammonia water and a hard foam mop. Four to five ounces of ammonia per gallon of water is all that’s required to adequately remove soiling.
4. Some winter street “pre-treatment” compounds leave a hazy film on epoxy floor coatings following cleaning. This can typically be removed with warm water along with a deck brush.

While professional epoxy coatings are indeed very tough, they are absolutely not invincible. If damage does happen, notify the installation company to get help in regards to repairing any possible damage. Getting a professional to help is highly recommended as doing it by yourself without any experience could end up worsening the possible damage that has occured